Fee Policy

Where we offer to take on your legal claim we do so on a no win no fee basis.

This means that we carry out all of the legal work required and only get paid upon achieving a successful outcome.

We do not charge a percentage of your pay-out.  We charge for time spent on your case, calculated on a competitive hourly rate.

Unlike other firms we do not charge additional bonuses (known as uplift fees).

In addition to fees, we charge for outlays (also known as disbursements) incurred on your behalf. Usually we have to spend money gathering in relevant evidence (such as medical records, specialist doctors' reports etc) and these amounts are reimbursed to us upon achieving your successful outcome.

Unlike other firms we do not charge interest on these amounts.

Nor do we ask our clients to take out expensive loans (known as litigation funding) to pay these costs along the way.

Our no win no fee policy is clearly set out in your agreement with us – so you always know exactly where you stand.