Total & Permanent Disablement

If you are unable to work through injury or illness you may have the right to claim on your TPD benefits under:

  • your private insurance policy, or
  • your superannuation policy.

Many workers are unaware that their superannuation policy may carry additional benefits such as income protection in the event of temporary inability to work, or in the event of serious injuries resulting in total and permanent disablement.

We are happy to review your policy to investigate the extent of any benefits.  Where benefits are available we can assist you to get your claim underway.  If you already have a claim underway we can advise you if you are having problems with your income protection insurer.

At Stirling Personal Injury Law your personal injury solicitor will provide you with clear and easy to understand advice about all aspects of your insurance claim.

Your Stirling personal injury lawyer has a proven track record of protecting the future of clients across the Sunshine Coast and wider Queensland areas.